Recreational Math

Unlimited Precision Arithmetic

As far as I can remember I've been fascinated by number theory. Then fractals. Later I developed an interest in another abstract topic, unlimited precision arithmetic or bignums. For years I kept a copy of Knuth's Seminumerical Algorithms on my car's dashboard to peruse at odd times. I found it relaxing to read about such arcane topics as cyclic and negacyclic convolutions for multiplication after a hard day of coding.

I haunted the Carey Bloodworth site that provided accessible coverage of bignums to a non-mathematician such as me. I mirrored the site so that I could peruse it when I was off-line. Then it went dark. is registered until 2024 according to whois but it seems "unhosted." So for fellow afficianados of bignums I have provided the source code to the multiplication demos from his site. Eventually I hope to provide the mirrored content from his site.

Multiplication Demo Source Files

An Elegant But Obscure Program to Compute Mersenne 40

I chanced upon this elegant gem while on one of my endless searches for obscure code. I'm no mathematician but have a passion for code like this. My fellow programmers were appalled at its lack of comments and readability but something about it appeals to me. Computing Mersenne 40

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